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  Kevin Nunn was wrongly convicted and given a 22 year life sentence for a crime he did not commit.
  Please read the facts of this case and contact the campaign with any information that may assist in our
fight for justice for both Kevin Nunn and Dawn Walker.


On the 20th November 2006 Kevin Nunn was wrongfully convicted of murdering Dawn Walker. They had been in a relationship for two and a half years and had enjoyed many holidays together, both passionate about outdoor pursuits and regular gym users.

Suffolk Police appealed to the public for information of Dawn Walker's last known movements 2nd February 2005. A video still showed her last visit to The Suffolk Golf and Leisure Club in Fornham All Saints, Bury St Edmunds that evening at 2130hrs. These stills were in the press and on the local BBC news at the start of the murder investigation. Kevin Nunn also attended the gym and is clearly seen on the CCTV footage, that same evening. It is alleged by the prosecution, that after being told by Ms Walker the relationship was at an end they had argued outside her home. The argument was supposedly witnessed by a neighbour opposite sometime after 10pm. He told police he saw a man in a dark suit about the same height or taller than Ms Walker and assumed it was her boyfriend - Kevin Nunn is 2" shorter.  Kevin Nunn had visited Ms Walker's home after leaving the gym at around 2030 hrs and had returned to his home in Woolpit, Suffolk some 10 miles away within the hour. The police accused Kevin Nunn of lying continually about his movements, after all, they had the CCTV footage from The Suffolk Golf and Leisure Club showing all the visitors that evening.
It is alleged that Kevin Nunn murdered Dawn Walker in a fit of jealousy. A voicemail sent to Kevin Nunn from Ms Walker in the early hours of Thursday morning was portrayed as a part of his plot to hide the truth.

Dawn Walker did not turn up for work the following day. Kevin Nunn reported Dawn Walker as a missing person to Suffolk Police on the morning Friday 4th February 2005. Dawn Walker's body was found alongside the River Lark later that Friday by two women just before 5pm. It is a public footpath used regularly by dog walkers and joggers and just over a mile away from Dawn Walkers home in Oak Close in Fornham St Martin. No known cause of death was ascertained.   If, as the prosecution alleges, and Ms Walker was killled in a jealous rage on the evening of Wednesday 2 February 2005, why did 2 Pathologists state "probable cause of death was hypothermia owing to exposure?"

Kevin Nunn is alleged to have asked a close friend of Dawn Walker - a man that Kevin had not knowingly met before, to assist in disposing of her body. This man was a work colleague of Ms Walker. He owned a silver estate car which was seen outside Ms Walker's home around the time of her disappearance. It was alleged he helped Kevin Nunn to take the body of Ms Walker from her home concealed in a carpet or similar in a silver estate car. The co-defendent and Kevin Nunn were identified by neighbours in the vicinity of Ms Walkers home in Oaks Close when they were actively trying to find her.
The prosecution told the jury that Ms Walker's body had been in her home since Wednesday evening. They also suggested whilst summing up during the trial, Ms Walker's body could have been kept in the water butt in her garden! There was no forensic evidence whatsoever to substantiate any of these claims. There was no missing carpet, underlay or disturbance within Ms Walkers home, garden or evidence of a body stored in the water butt. No forensic evidence was ever found on any possession owned by Kevin Nunn or evidence of a body being placed in the silver estate car owned by the co-accused. Kevin Nunn had a company owned black Volkswagon Passat. There was nothing but assumptions, heresay and circumstantial evidence to link Kevin Nunn to the disappearance and murder of Dawn Walker. In fact, there was no evidence to indicate that this was, as the the prosecution claimed, a jealousy killing.

Kevin Nunn was arrested for the murder of Dawn Walker on 14 March 2005 and charged 2 days later. In October 2005 he was granted bail and was able to live on his own and sign-in to a police station each day. The trial took place at Ipswich Crown Court in October 2006 and was based purely on circumstantial evidence. The co-defendent was acquitted during the trial.  Kevin Nunn was wrongly convicted in November 2006 and given a 22 year life sentence for a crime he did not commit.

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